[slurm-users] Can job submit plugin detect "--exclusive" ?

Christopher Benjamin Coffey Chris.Coffey at nau.edu
Sat Feb 19 00:10:36 UTC 2022


The job_submit plugin doesn't appear to have a way to detect whether a user requested "--exclusive". Can someone confirm this? Going through the code: src/plugins/job_submit/lua/job_submit_lua.c I don't see anything related. Potentially "shared" could be possible in some way. But trials using this do not seem to be fruitful so far.

If a user requests --exclusive, I'd like to append "--exclude=<nodes>" on to their job request to keep them off of certain nodes. For instance, we have our gpu nodes in a default partition with a high priority so that jobs don't land on them until last. And this is the same for our highmem nodes. Normally this works fine, but if someone asks for "--exclusive" this will land on these nodes quite often unfortunately.

Any ideas? Of course, I could take these nodes out of the partition, yet I'd like to see if something like this would be possible.

Thanks! :)

Christopher Coffey
High-Performance Computing
Northern Arizona University

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