[slurm-users] MPI Jobs OOM-killed which weren't pre-21.08.5

Paul Brunk pbrunk at uga.edu
Mon Feb 14 14:17:55 UTC 2022


Thanks for your feedback guys :).

We continue to find srun behaving properly re: core placement.

BTW, we've further established that only MVAPICH (and therefore also Intel MPI) jobs are encountering the OOM issue.

Paul Brunk, system administrator
Georgia Advanced Resource Computing Center
Enterprise IT Svcs, the University of Georgia

Paul Edmon wrote:

We also noticed the same thing with 21.08.5.  In the 21.08 series SchedMD changed the way they handle cgroups to set the stage for cgroups v2 (see: https://slurm.schedmd.com/SLUG21/Roadmap.pdf).  The 21.08.5 introduced a bug fix which then caused mpirun to not pin properly (particularly for older versions of MPI): https://github.com/SchedMD/slurm/blob/slurm-21-08-5-1/NEWS  What we've recommended to users who have hit this was to swap over to using srun instead of mpirun and the situation clears up.
-Paul Edmon-

On 2/10/2022 8:59 AM, Ward Poelmans wrote:

I'm not sure if this is the case but it might help to keep in mind the difference between mpirun and srun.

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