[slurm-users] sbatch - accept jobs above limits

Alexander Block Alexander.Block at lrz.de
Wed Feb 9 07:41:06 UTC 2022

Hi Mike,

I'm just discussing a familiar case with SchedMD right now (ticket 
13309). But it seems that it is not possible with Slurm to submit jobs 
that request features/configuration that are not available at the moment 
of submission.



Am 08.02.2022 um 23:26 schrieb z148x at arcor.de:
> Dear all,
> sbatch jobs are immediately rejected if no suitable node is available in
> the configuration.
> sbatch: error: Memory specification can not be satisfied
> sbatch: error: Batch job submission failed: Requested node configuration
> is not available
> These jobs should be accepted, if a suitable node will be active soon.
> For example, these jobs could be in PartitionConfig.
> Is that configurable?
> Many thanks,
> Mike

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