[slurm-users] Slurm 20.02 Dry-Run DB upgrade - Question on the cloned DB

Moshe Mergy moshe.mergy at weizmann.ac.il
Mon Feb 7 19:32:55 UTC 2022

I dont know much in mysql, and neither about the interactions between Slurm daemons and mysql, that's why I wanted to check with the Slurm community, before going on in this dry-rum DB upgrade.

Thanks a lot Brian !!

Much appreciated you help !


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So it looks like you added the dummy user to the main database somehow.

I would suggest to try again being cautious and make a dummy2 user or such.
Your questions now are getting out of slurm and into mysql area, so may be more appropriate in another forum.

Brian Andrus

On 2/7/2022 9:36 AM, Moshe Mergy wrote:

You're right Brian,

- after shutting down slurmdbd on the cloned DB node, sshare still shows the dummy user !!

BUT `mysqlshow -p --status <Slurm-DB>` shows a different creation date for the cloned DB.

- 'localhost' is already set for the SlurmtctldHost and AccountingStorageHost (slurm.conf) and DbdHost (slurmdbd.conf), as local files into cloned node

I guess I've changed these values, after shutting down slurmd daemon (at the very beginning) on Node.

- Original slurm.conf file is a NFS shared file for all the other nodes, and the head machine

- slurmdbd.conf is a specific local file for Head machine too.

- BackupHost parameter is not present in slurm.conf (on node, neither on Head)


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