[slurm-users] Upgrade from 17.02.11 to 21.08.2 and state information

Brian Haymore brian.haymore at utah.edu
Wed Feb 2 21:50:35 UTC 2022

Are you running slurmdbd in your current setup?  If you are then the upgrade path there might have additional considerations moving this far in versions.

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The "Upgrades" section of the quick-start guide [0] warns:

> Slurm permits upgrades to a new major release from the past two major
> releases, which happen every nine months (e.g. 20.02.x or 20.11.x to
> 21.08.x) without loss of jobs or other state information. State
> information from older versions will not be recognized and will be
> discarded, resulting in loss of all running and pending jobs.

We are planning for an upgrade from 17.02.11 to 21.08.2. As a part of
our upgrade procedure we'd be bringing the scheduler to full stop, so
the loss of running and pending jobs would not be a concern. Is there
anything more to state information than running and pending jobs? For
example, would the JobID count revert to 1 in the case of such an

[0] https://slurm.schedmd.com/quickstart_admin.html#upgrade

Nathan Smith
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