[slurm-users] how to allocate high priority to low cpu and memory jobs

z148x at arcor.de z148x at arcor.de
Tue Feb 1 20:06:44 UTC 2022

There aren't many mods in my slurm conf.

Since the priority/multifactor with PriorityWeightTres is already
active, it would be possible to take QOS.

Could you give a configuration example?
For example, jobs could occupy 1-128GB, i.e. categorization of ...16,
32, 64, 128 is necessary?
Two categories low and high would not be sufficient.

Many Thanks


On 28.01.22 09:21, Rémi Palancher wrote:
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> Le mardi 25 janvier 2022 à 22:22, <z148x at arcor.de> a écrit :
>> Dear all,
>> how can I reverse the priority, so that jobs with high cpu and memory
>> have a low priority?
>> The Priority/Multifactor plugin it is possible to calculate high
>> priority for high cpu and memory jobs.
>> With PriorityFavorSmall, jobs with a lower cpu number have a high
>> priority, but this only works for cpu, not memory.
> Well, there are several options available for this use case, and the best choice mostly depends of your current configuration.
> Additionnaly to Michael proposal with the partitions, you could also set up a QOS for low memory jobs, with a high priority and MaxTRESPerJob.
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