[slurm-users] Compute nodes cycling from idle to down on a regular basis ?

Jeremy Fix Jeremy.Fix at centralesupelec.fr
Tue Feb 1 09:37:41 UTC 2022

Hello everyone,

we are facing a weird issue. On a regular basis, some compute nodes go 
from *idle* -> *idle** -> *down* and loop back to idle on its own;  The 
slurm manages several nodes and this state cycle appears only for some 
pools of nodes.

We get a trace on the compute node as :

[2022-02-01T09:41:11.381] error: Munge decode failed: Invalid credential
[2022-02-01T09:41:11.381] ENCODED: Thu Jan 01 01:00:00 1970
[2022-02-01T09:41:11.381] DECODED: Thu Jan 01 01:00:00 1970
[2022-02-01T09:41:11.381] error: slurm_receive_msg_and_forward: 
REQUEST_NODE_REGISTRATION_STATUS has authentication error: Invalid 
authentication credential
[2022-02-01T09:41:11.381] error: slurm_receive_msg_and_forward: Protocol 
authentication error
[2022-02-01T09:41:11.391] error: service_connection: slurm_receive_msg: 
Protocol authentication error
[2022-02-01T09:41:11.392] debug2: Finish processing RPC: 

On the master, the only thing we get is , sometimes :

- slurmctld.log:[2022-02-01T10:00:04.456] agent/is_node_resp: 
node:node45 RPC:REQUEST_PING : Can't find an address, check slurm.conf

On the slurm master, the ips are not specified in /etc/hosts but by 
/etc/resolv.conf ; One hypothesis we have is that maybe our DNS server 
is taking some times, sometimes, to respond.

This happens on a very regular basis, exactly every 1h07 and for some 
nodes every 3 minutes.

We thought this might be due to munge but :

- _We tried to resync the munge_ keys.

_- The time is correctly synchronized with a ntp server ; _ calling date 
as root on both nodes return the same date

_- Munge uid/gid are correct :_

root at node45:/var/log/slurm# ls -l /etc/munge/
-r-------- 1 munge munge 1024 janv. 27 18:49 munge.key

- _We can encrypt/decrypt successfully _;

root at slurmaster:~$  munge -n | ssh node45 unmunge

STATUS:           Success (0)
ENCODE_HOST:      node45 (
ENCODE_TIME:      2022-02-01 10:22:21 +0100 (1643707341)
DECODE_TIME:      2022-02-01 10:22:23 +0100 (1643707343)
TTL:              300
CIPHER:           aes128 (4)
MAC:              sha256 (5)
ZIP:              none (0)
UID:              .....
GID:              ......
LENGTH:           0

Do you have any idea on how to debug and hopefully solve that issue ?

Thank you !

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