[slurm-users] Problems with cgroupsv2

Alan Orth alan.orth at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 19:53:43 UTC 2022

Dear list,

I've been using cgroupsv2 with SLURM 22.05 on CentOS Stream 8 successfully
for a few months now. Recently a few of my nodes have started having
problems starting slurmd. The log shows:

[2022-08-16T20:52:58.439] slurmd version 22.05.3 started
[2022-08-16T20:52:58.439] error: Controller cpuset is not enabled!
[2022-08-16T20:52:58.439] error: Controller cpu is not enabled!
[2022-08-16T20:52:58.439] error: cpu cgroup controller is not available.
[2022-08-16T20:52:58.439] error: There's an issue initializing memory or
cpu controller
[2022-08-16T20:52:58.439] error: Couldn't load specified plugin name for
jobacct_gather/cgroup: Plugin init() callback failed
[2022-08-16T20:52:58.439] error: cannot create jobacct_gather context for
[2022-08-16T20:52:58.439] fatal: Unable to initialize jobacct_gather

The system has cgroupsv2 enabled as far as I can tell:

# cat /sys/fs/cgroup/cgroup.controllers
cpuset cpu io memory hugetlb pids rdma
# [ $(stat -fc %T /sys/fs/cgroup/) = "cgroup2fs" ] && echo "unified" || ( [
-e /sys/fs/cgroup/unified/ ] && echo "hybrid" || echo "legacy")

And my slurm.conf has:


And cgroup.conf:


What else should I look for before giving up and reverting to cgroupsv1? My
current version is 22.05.3, but it was happening in 22.05.2 as well.

Thank you for any advice.
Alan Orth
alan.orth at gmail.com
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