[slurm-users] Allow regular users to make reservations

Paolo Viviani paolo.viviani at linksfoundation.com
Tue Aug 9 08:09:38 UTC 2022

Hi Michael,
That’s indeed a good idea and currently is my fallback solution, the reasons for investigating a slurm plugin solution first are the following:
1) I’m in contact with a couple of supercomputing centers that are interested in the feature but thwy would prefer something integrated with slurm instead of another piece of infrastructure to maintain.
2) The constraints I would apply to the reservations are related also to the current state of the scheduler and the queues, in principle I should be able to extract such information from squeue, but having access to the internal data structure would make it much faster, reducing the chance to make wrong decisions for the placement of the reservation.



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Going in a completely different direction than you?d planned, but for the same goal, what about making a script (shell, Python, or otherwise) that could validate all the constraints and call the scontrol program if appropriate, and then run that script via ?sudo? as one of the regular users?

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