[slurm-users] Rolling reboot with at most N machines down simultaneously?

Phil Chiu whophilchiu at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 15:37:19 UTC 2022

Occasionally I need to all the compute nodes in my system. However, I have
a parallel file system which is *converged*, i.e., each compute node
contributes a disk to the file system. The file system can tolerate having
N nodes down simultaneously.

Therefore my problem is this - "Reboot all nodes, permitting N nodes to be
rebooting simultaneously."

I have thought about the following options

   - A mass scontrol reboot - It doesn't seem like there is the ability to
   control how many nodes are being rebooted at once.
   - A job array - Job arrays can be easily configured to allow at most N
   jobs to be running simultaneously. However, I would need each array task to
   execute on a specific node, which does not appear to be possible.
   - Individual slurm jobs which reboot nodes - With a for loop, I could
   submit a reboot job for each node. But I'm not sure how to limit this so at
   most N jobs are running simultaneously. Perhaps a special partition is
   needed for this?

Open to hearing any other ideas.

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