[slurm-users] Allow specific users to drain nodes

Stefan Staeglich staeglis at informatik.uni-freiburg.de
Wed Apr 27 11:56:22 UTC 2022


we want to allow specific users to drain nodes. This feature seems to be 
implemented in the nonstop plugin. But this seems to be overkill of using only 
this feature.

Is there any other plugin that implements this feature?

Stefan Stäglich,  Universität Freiburg,  Institut für Informatik
Georges-Köhler-Allee,  Geb.52,   79110 Freiburg,    Germany

E-Mail : staeglis at informatik.uni-freiburg.de
WWW    : gki.informatik.uni-freiburg.de
Telefon: +49 761 203-8223
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