[slurm-users] ntasks and gres question

Chip Seraphine cseraphine at DRWHoldings.com
Wed Apr 6 20:48:54 UTC 2022


In my cluster, every node has one instance of a gres called ‘io_nic’.  The intent of it is to make it easier for users to ensure that jobs that perform excessive network I/O do not get scheduled simultaneously on the same machine.

$ sinfo -N -o '%N %Gres'
chhq-supgcmp001 disk:300000,io_disk:1,io_nic:1res
chhq-supgcmp002 disk:300000,io_disk:1,io_nic:1res

The desired behavior when a user runs a job like ‘srun --ntasks=10 --gres=io_nic:1 foo.sh' would be for 10 instances of foo.sh to each be forced to run on separate nodes, since there is only on io_nic per node.  However, this is not what we see; the tasks will run concurrently on the same node.   From reading the docs, it appears that this is because the io_nic is allocated to the job and not to the tasks, and this is supported by the fact that running multiple such sruns concurrently (or using -N instead of -n)  invariably puts them on separate nodes, or they go into PENDING status and on resources (as expected).

Is there a way to tie the gres reservation to a task instead of an entire job?  Ideally I'd like my users to not need to worry about the implementation details, and simply attach a '--gres=io_nic:1' to high-I/O jobs


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