[slurm-users] Sharing a GPU

Renfro, Michael Renfro at tntech.edu
Mon Apr 4 00:03:01 UTC 2022

Someone else may see another option, but NVIDIA MIG seems like the straightforward option. That would require both a Slurm upgrade and the purchase of MIG-capable cards.


Would be able to host 7 users per A100 card, IIRC.

On Apr 3, 2022, at 4:20 PM, Kamil Wilczek <kmwil at mimuw.edu.pl> wrote:


I am an administrator of a GPU cluster (Slurm version 19.05.5).

Could someone help me a little bit and explain if a single
GPU can be shared between multiple users? My experience and
documentation tells me that it is not possible. But even after
some time Slurm is still a beast to me and I find myself
struggling :)

* I setup the cluster to assign GPUs on multi-GPU servers
 to different users using GRES. This works fine and several
 users can work on a multi-GPU machine (--gres=gpu:N/--gpu:N).

* But sometimes I have requests to allow a group of students
 to work simultaneously, interactively on a small partition,
 where there is more users than GPUs. So I thought that maybe
 an MPS is a solutions, but the docs says that MPS is a way
 to run multiple jobs of *the same* user on a single GPU.
 When another user is requesting a GPU by MPS, the job is enqueued
 and waiting for the first users' MPS server to finish.
 So, this is not a solution for a multi-user, simultaneous/parallel
 environment, right?

Is there a way to share a GPU between multiple users?
The requirement is, say:

* 16 users working interactively, simultaneously
* 4 GPUs partition

Kind Regards
Kamil Wilczek  [https://keys.openpgp.org/]
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