[slurm-users] 21.08: Removing batch scripts from the database

Andy Georges andy.georges at ugent.be
Tue Oct 5 10:09:47 UTC 2021


On 05/10/2021 08:45, Kevin Buckley wrote:
> Trying to get my head around the extremely useful addition, for 21.08
> onwards, as regards storing the batch scripts in the accounting database,

You are aware of two existing solutions to this that do not involve the 
slurm accounting DB?



> so that the script can be obtained in cases where say, the user 
> submitting
> the job may no longer have access to them, and wanted to ask:
> Is there anything preventing the Slurm administrator clearing out batch
> scripts from the database ?
> I can't see that there's anything obvious in the code that flags whether
> a Job has had its batch script stored or not - it's either there or it
> isn't - so expect a "Nothing stopping you from doing that, but take care"
> response, but thre may be something that's not obvious to me?
> I'm asking so that the database doesn't run the risk of getting full up
> with batch scripts that might, for example, contain the commented out
> development history of the script since first written.

AFAIK you can set size limits on the scripts that get stored. I assume 
you can also auto purge old entries, similarly to the retention time for 
all the other job data in the dbd.

I doubt that you'll run into trouble with the bash scripts on their own; 
the space taken up by the environment you can (optionally) store seems 
to me to be the bigger risk.

-- Andy

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