[slurm-users] slurm free memory reporting: free vs available

Adrian Sevcenco Adrian.Sevcenco at spacescience.ro
Thu Nov 25 11:43:40 UTC 2021

Hi! Maybe this was discussed before but i did not had a problem with this until now ..
It would seem that slurm see as "available to allocate to the job" memory the free memory instead
of available memory .. is this by design? can this be changed to available with a flag or something?

The argument would be that the buffer/cache memory IS available to a process, as with pressure, this
is deallocated, and without pressure it will be kept in memory for quite some time.

The point of this email is to find the point of view of developers and if it is worth to fill a bug report.

this is on 20.11.8

Thank you!

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