[slurm-users] AcctGatherProfileType

Mike Yap M.Yap at massey.ac.nz
Mon Nov 22 23:04:09 UTC 2021

Thanks Paul,

Issue with jobs submission after the changes thou (any idea)

I have included the following line to  slurm.conf

Checked and found the plugin installed with slurm
find | grep ".so" | grep hdf5

Created file acct_gather.conf with

Restart slurmctld without error

However, all job submitted to queue start and completed within a sec.
Revert the changes and everything go back to normal
Any suggestion

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Hi Mike:

Your slurm must be built with hdf5 support  (if 'configure' could find libhwloc-devel files, it should have been automatically).  And there's more info here:

I don't use this myself, btw, and can't comment on space consumption.  Good luck!

 Wishing that I'd just listened this time, Paul Brunk, system administrator Georgia Advanced Computing Resource Center UGA EITS  (formerly UCNS)

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