[slurm-users] Can't use cgroups on debian 11 : unable to get parameter 'tasks' for '/sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset/'

Christoph Brüning christoph.bruening at uni-wuerzburg.de
Wed Nov 17 09:24:04 UTC 2021


I encountered an issue a while back when Slurm would expect a cgroups v1 
hierarchy, but Debian 11 had switched to cgroups v2.

I don't know whether this has been tackled in Slurm since then, but I 
worked around it by adding "systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=0" to the 
kernel command line to enable hybrid cgroup mode.

See also 
to find out which mode is active on your system.


On 16/11/2021 17.04, Arthur Toussaint wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to use cgroups in my slurm config on Debian 11 (installed through
> debian apt repo), but slurmd won't start, I've attached the relevant 
> slurmd.log
> as well as slurm.conf and cgroup.conf files
> The error seems to be unable to get parameter 'tasks' for 
> '/sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset/'
> I've added the `cgroup_enable=memory swapaccount=1` to the cmdline but that
> doesn't help
> I've seen people having those kind of problems, but no one seem to be 
> able to solve it and keep the cgroupsThanks a lot
> Arthur

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