[slurm-users] enable_configless, srun and DNS vs. hosts file

Diego Zuccato diego.zuccato at unibo.it
Mon Nov 15 06:58:21 UTC 2021

I'm not yet using configless slurm, but shouldn't it be slurmctld on the 
submit node?

Il 12/11/2021 15:37, Paul Brunk ha scritto:
> Hi:
> We run configless.  If we add a node to slurm.conf and don't restart slurmd on our submit nodes, then attempts to submit to that new node will get the error you saw.  Restarting slurmd on the submit node fixes it.  This is the documented behavior (adding nodes needs slurmd restarted everywhere).  Could this be what you're seeing (as opposed to /etc/hosts vs DNS)?

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