[slurm-users] How to checkout a slurm node?

Joe Teumer joe.teumer at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 22:00:26 UTC 2021


How best for a user to check out a slurm node?

Unfortunately, command 'salloc' doesn't appear to meet this need.

Command `salloc --nodelist some_node --time 3:00:00`
This gives the user a new shell and the user can use `srun` to start an
interactive session.

However, if the user needs to reboot the node, set BIOS settings, etc then
`salloc` automatically terminates the allocation when the new shell  is

salloc: Relinquishing job allocation 82
salloc: Job allocation 82 has been revoked.

Ideally, if a user requests a node for a few hours then they can do all of
their work in the allotted time (srun sessions, reboots, BIOS settings,
etc) using a single job allocation.

Also, how can I reply to posts and replies on
The 'Reply all' and 'Reply to author' buttons on the site are greyed out.

Much appreciated!
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