[slurm-users] Upgrading slurm - can I do it while jobs running?

Will Dennis wdennis at nec-labs.com
Wed May 26 19:11:28 UTC 2021

Yup, in our case, it would be 20.11.5 -> 20.11.7.

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Date: Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 2:59 PM
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Subject: Re: [slurm-users] Upgrading slurm - can I do it while jobs running?
We generally pause scheduling during upgrades out of paranoia more than
anything.  What that means is that we set all our partitions to DOWN and
suspend all the jobs.  Then we do the upgrade.  That said I know of
people who do it live with out much trouble.

The risk is more substantial for major version upgrades than minors. So
if you are doing a minor version upgrade its likely fine to do live.
For major version I would recommend at least pausing all the jobs.

-Paul Edmon-

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