[slurm-users] unable to Hold and release the job using scontrol

Brian Andrus toomuchit at gmail.com
Sun May 23 19:05:10 UTC 2021

Yep, job 28 is already running.

If you want it to be on hold to start, use 'sbatch -h test.sh' and it 
will start out in a hold state.

Brian Andrus

On 5/22/2021 11:36 PM, Chris Samuel wrote:
> On Saturday, 22 May 2021 11:05:54 PM PDT Zainul Abiddin wrote:
>> i am trying to hold the job from Scontol but not able to hold the job.
> It looks like you're trying to hold a running job, which isn't possible.
> I see from the Slurm FAQ that you should be able to use "scontrol requeuehold"
> for what you are trying to achieve.
> https://slurm.schedmd.com/faq.html#req
> # Slurm supports requeuing jobs in a hold state with the command:
> #
> # scontrol requeuehold job_id
> #
> # The job can be in state RUNNING, SUSPENDED, COMPLETED or FAILED before
> # being requeued.
> Best of luck,
> Chris

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