[slurm-users] schedule mixed nodes first

Bjørn-Helge Mevik b.h.mevik at usit.uio.no
Mon May 17 11:11:16 UTC 2021

Durai Arasan <arasan.durai at gmail.com> writes:

> Is there a way of improving this situation? E.g. by not blocking IDLE nodes
> with jobs that only use a fraction of the 8 GPUs? Why are single GPU jobs
> not scheduled to fill already MIXED nodes before using IDLE ones?
> What parameters/configuration need to be adjusted for this to be enforced?

There are two SchedulerParameters you could experiment with (from man slurm.conf):

          When  selecting resources for pending jobs to reserve for future execution (i.e. the job can not be started immediately), then pref‐
          erentially select nodes that are in use.  This will tend to leave currently idle resources available for backfilling longer  running
          jobs,  but  may  result  in  allocations  having less than optimal network topology.  This option is currently only supported by the
          select/cons_res  and  select/cons_tres  plugins  (or  select/cray_aries  with  SelectTypeParameters  set  to   "OTHER_CONS_RES"   or
          "OTHER_CONS_TRES", which layers the select/cray_aries plugin over the select/cons_res or select/cons_tres plugin respectively).

          If used with the select/cons_res or select/cons_tres plugin, then put serial jobs at the end of  the  available  nodes  rather  than
          using a best fit algorithm.  This may reduce resource fragmentation for some workloads.

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