[slurm-users] job_submit_lua improvement

Bas van der Vlies bas.vandervlies at surf.nl
Tue May 11 13:49:15 UTC 2021

At our side we use use postfix for fetching the mail address from LDAP. 
This is the system .forward file for the users and they can not override 
it, eg:

On 10/05/2021 22:56, Brian Andrus wrote:
> As a solution,  I recommend you leverage the ".forward" file
> You can put anything you want in there and that is where it will go if 
> the user doesn't specify an email.
> Brian Andrus
> On 5/10/2021 1:38 PM, Luke Yeager wrote:
>> Contributions are usually handled through Bugzilla. Here's how I 
>> submitted a patch for job_submit/lua recently: 
>> https://bugs.schedmd.com/show_bug.cgi?id=10737
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>> Dear all,
>> I have a question about the workflow to provide patches reps. change 
>> requests to the job_submit_lua.c
>> We need to modify the email address users provide in their job scripts 
>> to the one they provided to our user administration. In the current 
>> versions of job_submit_lua.c it is not possible to modify this string.
>> Therefore I have patched it on my own to make it work. But I want to 
>> provide this back to SchedMD and not have to patch it with every new 
>> release on my own.
>> Can someone tell me what would be the best way - provide the patch or 
>> request the feature? And how would I do it either way?
>> Thanks,
>> Alexander

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