[slurm-users] Fairshare +FairTree Algorithm + TRESBillingWeights

Yap, Mike M.Yap at massey.ac.nz
Wed Mar 31 23:50:13 UTC 2021

Hi All

Need some clarification on Fairshare (multifactor priority plugin) and FairTree Algorithm

If I read correctly, the current default for slurm is FairTree algorithm in which

  1.  Priority can set on various level
  2.  No fairshare-actual usage is being consider
  3.  Job submitted will run according to Priority instead of fairshare-actual usage
Questions -

  1.  Rawshare is only a representation of weight where higher value equal to higher priority ?
  2.  The total of rawshare need not to be at 100 since it is not percentage?
  3.  Referring to image below, am I right to believe
     *   Job from User7 will always run before User2 (including those in queue)
     *   Job from User3 will always run before User2 (including those in queue)
     *   Job from User7 will always run before User6 (including those in queue)
     *   Job from User3 will always run before User8 (including those in queue)
     *   Job from User2 will always run before User1 (including those in queue)
[cid:image002.png at 01D726EE.3B5B4C70]

Only by configuring multifactor priority plugin, fairshare-usage will be consider in which (referring to above image again) in which it will be common for User1(adhoc user) to have job run before User4(user with massive clocktime)

  1.  In scenario if both user1 and user2 having the same fairshare value (sshare showing 0.001), do User4 will still have priority over User1 ?

Additional question

  1.  how do we enforce only user define in sacctmgr have the right to submit job ? restarted the services and system but user not in sacctmgr is still able to submit job
  2.  User with two account, how do they define which account to use for submission ?


If I wish to enable TRESBillingWeight (to use CPU:MEMORY:GPU) - referring to https://slurm.schedmd.com/tres.html

  1.  Do I just include the following line to enable the option
     *   AccountingStorageTRES=gres/gpu
     *   TRESBillingWeights="CPU=1.0,Mem=0.25G,GRES/gpu=2.0"
  2.  Is there a command to print out the billing weight is indeed as requested instead of the default cpu ?

Many thanks
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