[slurm-users] Set Fairshare by Hand

Paul Edmon pedmon at cfa.harvard.edu
Mon Mar 22 13:30:59 UTC 2021

No, there is no way to my knowledge to do this.  You can zero out some 
one's fairshare (by removing and readding them) or a groups fairshare 
but you can't set it to an arbitrary value.

You can always adjust their RawShares for a somewhat similar effect but 
that will have all the normal consequences of changing their RawShares.

-Paul Edmon-

On 3/22/2021 5:12 AM, Michael Müller wrote:
> Dear Slurm users and admins,
> can we set the faireshare values manually, i.e., they are not
> (re)calculated be Slurm?
> With kind regards
> Michael

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