[slurm-users] SLURM slurmctld error on Ubuntu20.04 starting through systemctl

Sven Duscha sven.duscha at tum.de
Wed Mar 17 20:05:29 UTC 2021


On 17.03.21 19:54, Brian Andrus wrote:
> Be that as it may, you can see it is a permissions issue. Check
> permissions on /run and ensure the slurmctld user is able to write there.
> You can either change the slurmctld user to one that can write there
> or change the permissions on the directory to allow the slurmctld user
> write access.

That I already did as you can see from my analysis log.

The default location is /run and that is of course only writable for
root, as it also belongs only to root:root.

I am reluctant of doing a chgrp slurm on that system directory.
Furthermore, as the slurmctld is started in the context of user "slurm"
I would expect the default location to be in a directory writable by
user slurm.

As I am issuing "systemctl start slurmctld" as root, the file is written
by user root. The permissions were fine for that:

ls -lthrd /run/slurm-lnll/
drwxrwxr-x 2 root slurm 60 Mar 17 20:50 /run/slurm-lnll/

Be it as it may, it is more suitable to let non-system services to write
to subdirectories. Hence my creation of the directory /run/slurm-llnl.

Even making the directory world-writable (chmod o+w) doesn't solve the

ls -lthrd /run/slurm-lnll/

drwxrwxrwx 2 root slurm 40 Mar 17 18:50 /run/slurm-llnl

So, even though the error message seems to be clear, pointing to a
"permissions issue"; it is not clear from checking the relevant
directories permissions.

But I might be missing something obvious here. Rodrigo's suggestion to
use /var/run/slurm-llnl works with "systemctl start slurmctld" for me,
even though it has the same permissions:

ls -lthrd /var/run/slurm-lnll/
drwxrwxr-x 2 root slurm 60 Mar 17 20:50 /var/run/slurm-lnll/

Best wishes,


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