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Prentice Bisbal pbisbal at pppl.gov
Fri Mar 12 21:52:15 UTC 2021

What version of Slurm are you using? Xalloc shouldn't be needed. Just 
use the --x11 option to salloc:

> *--x11*[=</all/|/first/|/last/>]
>     Sets up X11 forwarding on all, first or last node(s) of the
>     allocation. This option is only enabled if Slurm was compiled with
>     X11 support and PrologFlags=x11 is defined in the slurm.conf.
>     Default is /all/. 


On 3/9/21 4:07 AM, Alberto Morillas, Angelines wrote:
> Hi,
> I need your help.
> I have users that need an interactive shell on a compute node with the 
> possibility of running programs with a graphical user interface 
> directly on the compute node.
> Looking for information I have found the xalloc command but it must be 
> a wrapper because It isn`t installed in slurm.
> Can someone help me ?
> Thanks in advance
> Angelines
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