[slurm-users] slurm bank and sreport tres minute usage problem

Miguel Oliveira miguel.oliveira at uc.pt
Fri Mar 12 04:03:31 UTC 2021

Dear all,

Hope you can help me!
In our facility we support the users via projects that have time allocations. Given this we use a simple bank facility developed by us along the ideas of the old code https://jcftang.github.io/slurm-bank/ <https://jcftang.github.io/slurm-bank/>.
Our implementation differs because we have a QOS per project with a NoDecay flag. The basic commands used are:
 - scontrol show assoc_mgr to read the limits,
 - sacctmgr modify qos to modify the limits and,
 - sreport to read individual usage. 
We have been using this for a while in production without any single issues for CPU time allocations.

Now we need to implement GPU time allocation as well for our new GPU partition.
While the 2 first commands work fine to set or change the limits with gres/gpu we seem to get values with sreport that do not add up.
In this case we use:

- command='sreport -t minutes -T gres/gpu -nP cluster AccountUtilizationByUser start='+date_start+' end='+date_end+' account='+account+' format=login,used'

We have confirmed via the accounting records that the total reported via scontrol show assoc_mgr is correct while the value given by sreport is totally off.
Did I misunderstand the sreport man page and the command above is reporting something else or is this a bug?
We do something similar with "-T cpu", for the CPU part of the code, and the number match up. We are using slurm 20.02.0.

Best Regards,


Miguel Afonso Oliveira
Laboratório de Computação Avançada | Laboratory for Advanced Computing 
Universidade de Coimbra | University of Coimbra
T: +351239410681
E: miguel.oliveira at uc.pt
W: www.uc.pt/lca

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