[slurm-users] [External] Submitting to multiple paritions problem with gres specified

Bas van der Vlies bas.vandervlies at surf.nl
Tue Mar 9 08:45:35 UTC 2021

Hi Prentice,

Ansers inline

On 08/03/2021 22:02, Prentice Bisbal wrote:
> Rather than specifying the processor types as GRES, I would recommending 
> defining them as features of the nodes and let the users specify the 
> features as constraints to their jobs. Since the newer processors are 
> backwards compatible with the older processors, list the older 
> processors as features of the newer nodes, too.
We already do this with features on our other cluster. We assign nodes
different feature and user select these. I can add a new feature of 
which cpu type it is. Sometime you want avx512 and specific processor.

On other cluster we have 5 different GPU's and a lot of partitions. I 
want to make it simple for our users. So we have a 'job_submit.lua' 
script that submits to multiple parttions and if the user specify the 
GRES type then slurm selects the right partition(s)

On this cluster we do not have GPU's but i can test with other GRES type
'cpu_type'. And I think the last partition in the list determines the 
behavior. So if a use a GRES that is supported by the last partition the 
job gets queued:
  * srun -N1  --gres=cpu_type:e5_2650_v2 --pty /bin/bash
  * srun --exclusive  --gres=cpu_type:e5_2650_v2 --pty /bin/bash 

srun: job 1865 queued and waiting for resources

So to me it seems that one of the partition is BUSY but can run the job. 
I will test it on our GPU cluster but expect the same behaviour.

> If you want to continue down the road you've already started on, can you 
> provide more information, like the partition definitions and the gres 
> definitions? In general, Slurm should support submitting to multiple 
> partitions.

```PartitionName=cpu_e5_2650_v1 DefMemPerCPU=11000 Default=No 
DefaultTime=5 DisableRootJobs=YES MaxNodes=2 MaxTime=5-00 
Nodes=r16n[18-20] OverSubscribe=EXCLUSIVE QOS=normal State=UP

PartitionName=cpu_e5_2650_v2 DefMemPerCPU=11000 Default=No DefaultTime=5 
DisableRootJobs=YES MaxNodes=2 MaxTime=5-00 Nodes=r16n[21-22] 
OverSubscribe=EXCLUSIVE QOS=normal State=UP

NodeName=r16n18 CoresPerSocket=8 Features=sandybridge,sse4,avx 
Gres=cpu_type:e5_2650_v1:no_consume:4T MemSpecLimit=1024 
NodeHostname=r16n18.mona.surfsara.nl RealMemory=188000 Sockets=2 
State=UNKNOWN ThreadsPerCore=1 Weight=10

NodeName=r16n21 CoresPerSocket=8 Features=sandybridge,sse4,avx 
Gres=cpu_type:e5_2650_v2:no_consume:4T MemSpecLimit=1024 
NodeHostname=r16n21.mona.surfsara.nl RealMemory=188000 Sockets=2 
State=UNKNOWN ThreadsPerCore=1 Weight=10


NodeName=r16n[18-20] Count=4T Flags=CountOnly Name=cpu_type 
NodeName=r16n[21-22] Count=4T Flags=CountOnly Name=cpu_type Type=e5_2650_v2

> Prentice
> On 3/8/21 11:29 AM, Bas van der Vlies wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On this cluster I have version 20.02.6 installed. We have different 
>> partitions for cpu type and gpu types. we want to make it easy for the 
>> user who not care where there job runs and for the experienced user 
>> they can specify the gres type: cpu_type or gpu
>> I have defined 2 cpu partitions:
>>  * cpu_e5_2650_v1
>>  * cpu_e5_2650_v2
>> and 2 gres cpu_type:
>>  * e5_2650_v1
>>  * e5_2650_v2
>> When no partitions are specified it will submit to both partitions:
>>  * srun --exclusive  --gres=cpu_type:e5_2650_v1  --pty /bin/bash --> 
>> r16n18 wich has defined this gres and is in partition cpu_e5_2650_v1
>> Now I submit at the same time another job:
>>  * srun --exclusive  --gres=cpu_type:e5_2650_v1  --pty /bin/bash
>> This fails with: `srun: error: Unable to allocate resources: Requested 
>> node configuration is not available`
>> I would expect it gets queued in the partition `cpu_e5_2650_v1`.
>> When I specify the partition on the command line:
>>  * srun  --exclusive -p cpu_e5_2650_v1_shared 
>> --gres=cpu_type:e5_2650_v1 --pty /bin/bash
>> srun: job 1856 queued and waiting for resources
>> So the question is can slurm handle submitting to multiple partitions 
>> when we specify gres attributes?
>> Regards

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