[slurm-users] Slurm does not set memory.limit_in_bytes for tasks (but does for steps)

Marcus Wagner wagner at itc.rwth-aachen.de
Wed Jun 23 11:30:14 UTC 2021

Hi Jacob,

I generally think, that that is the better way.
If you have e.g. tasks with different memory needs, Slurm (or the oom_killer to be precise) would kill the job, if that limit gets exceeded. If the limit is set for the step, the tasks can "steal" memory from each other.


Am 22.06.2021 um 18:46 schrieb Jacob Chappell:
> Hello everyone,
> I came across a weird behavior and was wondering if this is a bug, oversight, or intended?
> It appears that Slurm does not set memory.limit_in_bytes at the task level, but it does set it at the step level and above. Observe:
> $ grep memory /proc/$$/cgroup
> 10:memory:/slurm/uid_2001/job_304876/step_0/task_0
> $ cd /sys/fs/cgroup/memory/slurm/uid_2001/job_304876/step_0/task_0
> $ cat memory.limit_in_bytes
> 9223372036854771712     <--- basically unlimited
> But lets check the parent:
> $ cat ../memory.limit_in_bytes
> 33554432000      <-- set properly to around 32 GB, see below
> $ scontrol show job 304876 | grep mem=
>     TRES=cpu=8,mem=*32000M*,node=1,billing=8
> Now, it does appear that the task is still limited to the step's memory limit given the hierarchical nature of cgroups, but I just wanted to mention this anyway and see if anyone had any thoughts.
> Thanks,
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