[slurm-users] Specify a gpu ID

Valerio Bellizzomi valerio at selnet.org
Fri Jun 4 19:43:49 UTC 2021

On Wed, 2021-06-02 at 22:11 -0700, Ahmad Khalifa wrote:
> How to send a job to a particular gpu card using its ID
> (0,1,2...etc)?

If your GPUs are CUDA I can't help but, if you have OpenCL GPUs then
your program can select a GPU with a call to getDeviceIDs() and select
the GPU by number.
Starting from OpenCL 3.0.7 it is also possible to select the GPU by
serial number or UUID.
Here I repeat my last message to this list:

It is now possible for programs to do a precise and reliable selection
of the GPU by first issuing a query to OpenCL with the
clGetDeviceInfo() function with the param_name parameter set to
cl_khr_pci_bus_info. This extension is available starting from OpenCL


Chapter 39. PCI Bus Information Query




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