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Diego Zuccato diego.zuccato at unibo.it
Fri Jul 23 09:07:47 UTC 2021

Hi Loris.

Il 23/07/2021 09:05, Loris Bennett ha scritto:

> We use both Zabbix and pestat.  Zabbix gives us general information on
> the state of the nodes and file systems, and we have added some Slurm
> metrics, such as number of jobs pending, amount of memory pending,
> number of GPUs pending, etc.
Did you write a module for Zabbix or use one pre-made?

> This has been quite handy, although I find Zabbix a bit tricky to
> configure.  This maybe because (a) we are stuck on Version 3.4 due to
> the PHP dependency with CentOS 7 and (b) I only do stuff very
> irregularly with Zabbix and so always have to start somewhat
> from scratch.
Quite a common problem, it seems. I'd probably try to decouple the PHP 
part (moving it to a newer VM) from the actual server.

> pestat on the other hand gives us more information about what individual
> jobs on individual nodes are up to at a given point in time.  I don't
> quite see how one could integrate pestat itself directly into Zabbix, as
> it is more geared to producing a report, but maybe Ole has ideas :-)
How to use the collected data is one of the big open problems in IT :)

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