[slurm-users] How to avoid a feature?

Ward Poelmans ward.poelmans at vub.be
Fri Jul 2 15:33:34 UTC 2021

Hi Tina,

On 2/07/2021 13:42, Tina Friedrich wrote:
> We did think about having 'hidden' GPU partitions instead of wrangling it with features, but there didn't seem to be any benefit to that that we could see.

The benefit with partitions is that you can set a bunch of options that are not possible with just features like the amount of memory per core or per gpu and the amount of cores per gpu (the defaults). Or have a different walltime or priority.

We have a submit filter that will do something like:

    if job_desc.partition == nil then

        if job_desc.tres_per_job ~= nil or job_desc.tres_per_node ~= nil then

            job_desc.partition = "gpu_1,gpu_2"


So it's transparent to the users. You can make a partition of GPU nodes where CPU jobs are and are not allowed.


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