[slurm-users] Fairshare tree after SLURM upgrade

Ole Holm Nielsen Ole.H.Nielsen at fysik.dtu.dk
Fri Jan 29 07:44:45 UTC 2021

On 1/29/21 8:03 AM, Gestió Servidors wrote:
> I’m going to upgrade my SLURM version from 17.11.5 to 19.05.1. I know this 
> is not the last version, but I manage another cluster that is running, 
> also, this version. My question is: during the process, I need to upgrade 
> “slurmdbd”. All the fairshare tree (with rawusage, effectvusage, 
> fairshare, etc), will be kept in the new version after upgrading?

Beware: You can as a maximum upgrade only by 2 Slurm major versions!
This is well known, see a summary in 

All data in your database will be migrated correctly to the new Slurm 
version.  This assumes that your upgrade process worked without errors! 
Older MySQL versions may have problems!

Therefore it is critical to first test the database upgrade on a test 
system!  Please see the above page for advice on the upgrade testing.


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