[slurm-users] [EXT]Re: only 1 job running

Chandler admin at genome.arizona.edu
Thu Jan 28 20:25:49 UTC 2021

Andy Riebs wrote on 1/28/21 07:53:
> If the only changes to your system have been the slurm.conf
> configuration and the addition of a new node, the easiest way to
> track this down is probably to show us the diffs between the previous
> and current versions of slurm.conf, and a note about what's different
> about the new node that you want to address.

Well I don't know what's different, that was months ago.  Pretty sure i just added n010 to PartitionName and updated NodeName=n[010-013] Procs=256 CoresPerSocket=64 Sockets=2 ThreadsPerCore=2  since I turned on multi-threading.

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