[slurm-users] Using "Environment Modules"

Gestió Servidors sysadmin.caos at uab.cat
Tue Jan 26 10:13:21 UTC 2021


My environment is this:

  *   Users are using "bash" as the default shell
  *   A sample of one of my environment modules is this:
## modules modulefile
## modulefiles/modules.  Generated from modules.in by configure.

set ModulesVersion      "3.2.10"

proc ModulesHelp { } {
        global version prefix

        puts stderr "\tOpenMPI - $version"
        puts stderr "\n\tThis adds $prefix/* to several of the"
        puts stderr "\tenvironment variables."
        puts stderr "\n\tVersion $version\n"

module-whatis   "Loads OpenMPI 3.0.0 environment"

# for Tcl script use only
set     version         3.0.0
set     prefix          /soft/openmpi-${version}
set     exec_prefix     ${prefix}
set     datarootdir     ${prefix}/share

prepend-path    PATH            ${exec_prefix}/bin
prepend-path    LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${prefix}/lib
prepend-path    INCLUDE_PATH    ${prefix}/include

  *   "module" command itself is processed in /etc/profile.d/modules.sh with this script:


# system-wide profile.modules                                          #

# Initialize modules for all sh-derivative shells                      #


trap "" 1 2 3


case "$0" in

    -bash|bash|*/bash) . $MODULES/bash ;;

       -ksh|ksh|*/ksh) . $MODULES/ksh ;;

          -sh|sh|*/sh) . $MODULES/sh ;;

                    *) . $MODULES/sh ;;         # default for scripts


# Update MODULESPATH environment. /usr/share/modules/init/.modulepath


module use $MMODS/compilers $MMODS/parallel

module use $MMODS/libraries $MMODS/applications $MMODS/tools

#module unuse /usr/share/modules /usr/share/modulefiles

# load site specific modules

module load modules

# source .modules in the user's home directory, if it exists

if [ -r ~/.modules ]; then

. ~/.modules


trap - 1 2 3

  *   In the SLURM submit scripts, users have to add an explicit "source /soft/modules-3.2.10/Modules/3.2.10/init/bash", and after this line, users can load modules in the way "module load foo/version"

Is there any bad configuration??


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