[slurm-users] associations, limits,qos

Nizar Abed nizar at huji.ac.il
Sat Jan 23 05:46:57 UTC 2021

Hi list,

I’m trying to enforce limits based on associations, but behavior is not as expected.

In slurm.conf:

Two partitions:

One user:

One QOS:
MaxJobsPU is not set

I’d like to have an association for user 1 for each partition, with same qos

      User   Def Acct     Admin    Cluster    Account  Partition     Share   Priority MaxJobs MaxNodes  MaxCPUs MaxSubmit     MaxWall  MaxCPUMins                  QOS   Def QOS 
---------- ---------- --------- ---------- ---------- ---------- --------- ---------- ------- -------- -------- --------- ----------- ----------- -------------------- --------- 
     user1  account1      None       cl1   account1       part1.q         1               3                                                                       qos1           
     user1  account1      None       cl1   account1       part2.q         1               4                                                                       qos1           

User1 submit 6 jobs to part2.q:
4 start running
2 in pending(AssocMaxJobsLimit)

User1 submit 6 jobs to part1.q:
3 start running
3 in pending(AssocMaxJobsLimit)

This ok and expected behavior.

But when user1 submits 12 jobs like:

sbatch -p part1.q,part2.q slurm-job.sh 

Only 3 jobs running on part1.q: association of part1.q
Other 9 jobs on AssocMaxJobsLimit

Why 4 jobs doesn’t start on part2.q?

Worst case(listing part2.q before part1.q):
sbatch -p part2.q,part1.q slurm-job.sh 
4(!) jobs running on part1.q

Is it possible to allow user to submit to multiple partitions, and slurm picks up correct association for each partition?
What I’m missing here?


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