[slurm-users] Running slurmd without enabling jobs on a node

Angelos Ching angelosching at clustertech.com
Thu Jan 7 06:24:55 UTC 2021

Hi Steve,

I put my login node into a hidden & inactive partition.

(Sent from mobile, please pardon me for typos and cursoriness.)

> 7/1/2021 0:49、Steve Brasier <steveb at stackhpc.com>のメール:
> Hi all,
> For a cluster in configless mode there appear to be two ways of having a login-only node (i.e. not running slurmctld) - either 1) setting DNS records or 2) "... consider running slurmd on the machine so it can manage the configuration files, but not allowing it to run jobs." [A]
> What's the best way of achieving option 2)? Ideally I don't want the login node(s) which are running slurmd even showing up in e.g sinfo.
> [A]: https://slurm.schedmd.com/configless_slurm.html
> many thanks for any suggestions
> http://stackhpc.com/
> Please note I work Tuesday to Friday.
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