[slurm-users] trying to add gres

Erik Bryer ebryer at isi.edu
Wed Jan 6 00:27:22 UTC 2021

I made the gres.conf the same on both nodes and Slurm started without error. I'm now seeing another error.

There are 4 GPUs defined per node. If I start 2 jobs with
#SBATCH --gpus=foolsgold:4
it runs one job in each of the 2 nodes. If I scancel those and run 4 jobs with the script reading
#SBATCH --gpus=foolsgold:1
I get 2 queued and 2 running jobs. It seems allocating 1 gpu allocates all 4, not just 1. But why would this be so?

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On 24/12/20 4:42 pm, Erik Bryer wrote:

> I made sure my slurm.conf is synchronized across machines. My intention
> is to add some arbitrary gres for testing purposes.

Did you update your gres.conf on all the nodes to match?

All the best,
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