[slurm-users] FW: Error on Slurm 21.08.4 compilation with Munge

Jonathan Casco jcasco at fiu.edu
Fri Dec 17 14:55:01 UTC 2021

Hello all,

I am working on compiling the latest version of Slurm 21 and am running into an issue when compiling with the --with-munge flag. I was previously able to compile Slurm 20 and older versions on the same node without issue.

The node I am using for compilation has Munge installed via RPM:
# rpm -qa | grep munge

When running the ./configure with --with-munge=/usr/lib64, the configure fails with the message:
configure: error: unable to locate munge installation

I’ve tried a few different locations just as a test including specifying the libmunge.so location directly, /usr/bin/munge, /usr/include/munge.h, and a few others and got the same message every time.
I have compiled several versions of Slurm in the past but this is the first time I am running into this configure error which has me stumped.

If I am missing something or not specifying the correct location, please let me know! Any other ideas are also welcome.

Thank you,
Jonathan Casco

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