[slurm-users] smap on Centos7

Theodore Knab tjk at annapolislinux.org
Wed Dec 8 20:35:06 UTC 2021


This is my first post. :-)

Where can I find the 'smap' gui for Cenos7 ? I can't seem to locate the package
that provides this. 

I didn't get any results with 'yum whatprovides smap'.

In contrast, 'yum whatprovides sview' gives me 'slurm-gui'.

Shouldn't smap be part of the slurm-gui Red Hat package ? 

Running: Slurm 20.02.4 in aws-pcluster 2.10.3(EOL Support 12/31/21)
OS: Centos 7.9

As a side note, I got sview installed with a bit of a work around.

Theodore Knab
Annapolis Linux Users Group
Nearby Annapolis, Maryland United States of America 
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