[slurm-users] [EXT] Re: slurmdbd does not work

Gennaro Oliva oliva.g at na.icar.cnr.it
Sat Dec 4 11:36:16 UTC 2021

Ciao Giuseppe,

On Sat, Dec 04, 2021 at 02:30:40AM +0100, Giuseppe G. A. Celano wrote:
> I have installed almost all of the possible packages, but that file doesn't
> show up:

can you please specify what options are you using with ./configure?

If you don't specify any prefix (--prefix option), the default location
for your installation is /usr/local, so you should find the plugins under

Did you tried the slurm-wlm package shipped with ubuntu?
It comes with the mysql plugin.
Best regards
Gennaro Oliva

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