[slurm-users] 19.05->20.11 update:: slurmdbd failure

Adrian Sevcenco Adrian.Sevcenco at spacescience.ro
Sat Aug 7 18:50:40 UTC 2021

Hi! I just upgraded slurm from 19.05 to 20.11 (all services stopped before)
and now, after checking the configuration slurmdbd do not start anymore:

[2021-08-07T21:42:01.890] error: Database settings not recommended values: innodb_buffer_pool_size innodb_log_file_size 
[2021-08-07T21:42:01.896] error: mysql_query failed: 1054 Unknown column 'pack_job_id' in 'iss-alice_job_table'
alter table "iss-alice_job_table" change pack_job_id het_job_id int unsigned not null, change pack_job_offset 
het_job_offset int unsigned not null;
[2021-08-07T21:42:01.896] error: _convert_job_table_pre: Can't convert iss-alice_job_table info: Unknown error 1054
[2021-08-07T21:42:01.896] error: issue converting tables before create
[2021-08-07T21:42:01.896] error: Couldn't load specified plugin name for accounting_storage/mysql: Plugin init() 
callback failed
[2021-08-07T21:42:01.897] error: cannot create accounting_storage context for accounting_storage/mysql
[2021-08-07T21:42:01.897] fatal: Unable to initialize accounting_storage/mysql accounting storage plugin

Any idea what is going on? i checked the configuration content and it seems that nothing changed...

Thanks a lot!

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