[slurm-users] [External] Re: PropagateResourceLimits

Ole Holm Nielsen Ole.H.Nielsen at fysik.dtu.dk
Thu Apr 29 19:31:19 UTC 2021

On 29-04-2021 18:54, Ryan Novosielski wrote:
> It may not for specifically PropagateResourceLimits – as I said, the docs are a little sparse on the “how” this actually works – but you’re not correct that PAM doesn’t come into play re: user jobs. If you have “UsePam = 1” set, and have an /etc/pam.d/slurm, as our site does, there is some amount of interaction here, and PAM definitely affects user jobs.

The "UsePAM" parameter seems to be discouraged in slurm.conf, see Tim 
Wickberg's reply here: https://bugs.schedmd.com/show_bug.cgi?id=4098#c3

On compute nodes one should probably use pam_slurm_adopt in stead.

I've collected some additional information in 


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