[slurm-users] Questions about adding new nodes to Slurm

David Henkemeyer david.henkemeyer at gmail.com
Tue Apr 27 18:35:18 UTC 2021


I'm new to Slurm (coming from PBS), and so I will likely have a few
questions over the next several weeks, as I work to transition my
infrastructure from PBS to Slurm.

My first question has to do with *adding nodes to Slurm*.  According to the
FAQ (and other articles I've read), you need to basically shut down slurm,
update the slurm.conf file *on all nodes in the cluster*, then
restart slurm.

- Why do all nodes need to know about all other nodes?  From what I have
read, its Slurm does a checksum comparison of the slurm.conf file across
all nodes.  Is this the only reason all nodes need to know about all other
- Can I create a symlink that points <sysconfdir>/slurm.conf to a
slurm.conf file on an NFS mount point, which is mounted on all the nodes?
This way, I would only need to update a single file, then restart Slurm
across the entire cluster.
- Any additional help/resources for adding/removing nodes to Slurm would be
much appreciated.  Perhaps there is a "toolkit" out there to automate some
of these operations (which is what I already have for PBS, and will create
for Slurm, if something doesn't already exist).

Thank you all,

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