[slurm-users] Extract job information after completion

O'Grady, Paul Christopher cpo at slac.stanford.edu
Tue Apr 27 15:14:04 UTC 2021

Sometimes when a slurm job fails I want to see what a user did, getting the command/workdir/stdout/stderr information.  I can see that with "scontrol show job <jobid>".  However, after the job is done that command doesn't seem to work anymore, saying "invalid job id".  I try to use sacct, which seems to save history, but I can only find the "workdir" parameter there, not stdout/stderr/cmd.  I tried using the "jobname" field of sacct, but when I use the "wrap" option of sbatch, then jobname only shows the string "wrap" which isn't useful.

My question:  is there an easy way for me to get command/workdir/stdout/stderr information after a job has completed?  Thanks!


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