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Ewan Roche ewan.roche at unil.ch
Wed Apr 21 08:12:46 UTC 2021

Hi Tim,
we have MIG configured and integrated with Slurm using the slurm-mig-discovery tools:


The mig-parted tool is great for setting up MIG itself:


Once setup MIG instances work fine with Slurm although the output from nvidia-smi is a little different as one sees both GPUs - the “visible device” is the MIG instance::

$ salloc -p interactive -n 1 -c 8 --gres=gpu:1
salloc: Granted job allocation 5235
salloc: Waiting for resource configuration
salloc: Nodes gpu001 are ready for job

$ env | grep CUDA

$ nvidia-smi -L
GPU 0: A100-PCIE-40GB (UUID: GPU-c1976541-7b00-3f9f-f557-a17f45b879e9)
  MIG 3g.20gb Device 0: (UUID: MIG-GPU-c1976541-7b00-3f9f-f557-a17f45b879e9/1/0)
GPU 1: A100-PCIE-40GB (UUID: GPU-83f9ff5b-09c3-8de1-b3eb-adaadb1cda9f)

The caveats are that MIG and the slurm integration is rather static for the moment so it’s not really possible to dynamically change the profiles.

The other slight issue is that all combinations of MIG instances waste some compute or memory capacity. We have divided each A100 into two 3g.20gb devices so all the memory is used but 1/7 of the compute capacity is lost.


Ewan Roche

Division Calcul et Soutien à la Recherche
UNIL | Université de Lausanne

On 21 Apr 2021, at 09:14, Timothy Carr <timothy.carr at uct.ac.za<mailto:timothy.carr at uct.ac.za>> wrote:

Dear Community,

Trust everyone is well and keeping safe?

We are considering the purchase of nodes with the Nvidia A100 GPUs and enabling the MIG feature which allows for the creation of instance resource profiles. The creation of these profiles seems to be straightforward as per the documentation. Have any of you had the opportunity to implement the A100 MIG with SLURM and have you found any caveats you are willing to share?

Kind Regards


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