[slurm-users] Why does Slurm kill one particular user's jobs after a few seconds?

Thomas Arildsen tari at its.aau.dk
Thu Apr 15 19:46:09 UTC 2021

Hi Ole

Thanks for the suggestion. I am afraid the solution is not the same. At least, restarting `slurmdbd` and `slurmctld` on the head node has made no difference either.
It puzzles me why Slurm appears to treat this one user differently than all others. Even other users under the same account are doing fine.
I think the possible relation to another (array) job I was speculating about in my original message was just coincidental.
I have now tried the following three steps in the hope of somehow fixing the problem, none of which have changed the situation:

- Deleted the user from Slurm using `sacctmgr remove user` and re-created the user again afterwards.
- Removed the user's home directory and let the login procedure populate a new home directory from scratch for the user.
- Restarted `slurmdbd` and `slurmctld` as mentioned above.

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