[slurm-users] slurmrestd configuration

Ward Poelmans ward.poelmans at vub.be
Mon Apr 12 09:47:25 UTC 2021

Hi Simone,

On 9/04/2021 18:03, Simone Riggi wrote:

> All of them are working.
> So in this case the only requirement for a user is having the read/write
> permission on the socket? 

Correct. The authentication is done as you know the user with a socket.

> My goal at the end would be to let a Dockerized client application
> communicate with Slurmrestd server (running on the host). Guess I need
> to mount the socket in the container but haven't tried yet.    

I guess so. No experience with that. But keep in mind that inside the
container you have a different user namespace so you need to make sure
the uid/gid match.


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