[slurm-users] slurmrestd configuration

Ole Holm Nielsen Ole.H.Nielsen at fysik.dtu.dk
Thu Apr 8 08:09:56 UTC 2021

On 4/8/21 9:50 AM, Simone Riggi wrote:
> I write you about how to properly setup slurmrestd.
> 2) Installed slurm with:
> rpmbuild -ta slurm-20.11.5.tar.bz2 --with mysql --with slurmrestd --with jwt

I don't see this "--with jwt" in the slurm.spec file:

[slurm-20.11.5]# grep "# --with" slurm.spec
# --with cray		%_with_cray 1		build for a Cray Aries system
# --with cray_network	%_with_cray_network 1	build for a non-Cray system 
with a Cray network
# --with cray_shasta	%_with_cray_shasta 1	build for a Cray Shasta system
# --with slurmrestd	%_with_slurmrestd 1	build slurmrestd
# --with slurmsmwd      %_with_slurmsmwd 1      build slurmsmwd
# --without debug	%_without_debug 1	don't compile with debugging symbols
# --with hdf5		%_with_hdf5 path	require hdf5 support
# --with hwloc		%_with_hwloc 1		require hwloc support
# --with lua		%_with_lua path		build Slurm lua bindings
# --with mysql		%_with_mysql 1		require mysql/mariadb support
# --with numa		%_with_numa 1		require NUMA support
# --without pam		%_without_pam 1		don't require pam-devel RPM to be installed
# --without x11		%_without_x11 1		disable internal X11 support
# --with ucx		%_with_ucx path		require ucx support
# --with pmix		%_with_pmix path	require pmix support


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